Catalonia's Risk & Opportunities
  • How political risk in Catalonia might affect investments in Spain and Portugal?
  • How stable is the current government solution?
  • How can Portugal be an alternative for investments in Catalonia?
  • Who are the rising political figures in Spain fahead of the next elections?
  • What business opportunities are there to tap in the Iberian market?
Change and Instability in the Gulf
  • What is the status of the diplomatic crisis centred on Qatar?
  • What is the impact of the crisis on the business environment?
  • What are the best investment opportunities in the Gulf States and what are the key challenges in these markets?
  • Why is Portugal an interesting country for Gulf investments?
  • Which Lusophone countries & sectors should Gulf players pay attention to?
China Belt & Road Initiative
  • Why is Europe crucial for BRI?
  • What might be Portugal's role in the mega project?
  • What risks and opportunities arise from the BRI?
  • Who are the BRI players in Southern Europe?
  • What competition is there to BRI and what opportunities can it generate?
2019 Portuguese Elections
  • What political risks arise from 3 elections in a row?
  • How is your business affected by a scenario of political instability?
  • What can change in fiscal, economic and regulatory policies?
  • What are the main investment opportunities?
  • Who will be the key political players?
Lusophone Challenges
  • Who are the key political players in the new Angolan government?
  • What is changing and what are the short-term opportunities in Angola?
  • Is the rise of insecurity in Mozambique a structural risk for your business?
  • Which sectors should you be monitoring in Mozambique?
  • Why should your country apply for a CPLP observer status?
Brazil's Post-Election Outlook
  • How could socio-political uprisings impact your business?
  • Who are the key players in the new government and why it matters?
  • Are Bolsonaro's privatization plans an opportunity?
  • What will be the role of the military in politics?
  • What do you need to know about Portugal if you are part of the new Brazilian immigration?
Brexit Impasse
  • Which scenarios are on the table?
  • What impact on negotiations can an early election have?
  • How could a no-deal affect your business?
  • How could a Brexit agreement impact your business?
  • What contigency plans should you be putting in place?
US-EU Trade Disputes
  • Will midterms affect trade negotiations?
  • How current trade disputes might affect your business?
  • What might be the next level of transatlantic disputes?
  • How does the EU global trade agenda affect your business?
  • Which one of the 24 EU trade negotiations should you be paying attention to?